Let's Don't Get Our Theology From Sean Hannity

  I miss Rush Limbaugh. I listened to him when I could for over 30 years. Although Rush avoided discussing religion on his show from time-to-time he would make comments about his faith. Although we never know the reality of a person's heart from what I have heard over the years I expect to see Rush in heaven. I am uncertain about his heir apparent, Sean Hannity who seems to have an eclectic mix of theologies. After watching his program last week where he interviewed  Pastor Matt Weise it's clear we can't get our theology from Sean Hannity. Weise claims to have had a near death experience. He claims to have had a series of visions of hell and declares that God has given him those visions to scare people in to the kingdom. He never once quotes or allude to any scripture: never mentioned Christ, sin, but only declared himself to be God's messenger for our age. After the interview Hannity declared "I believe in these near death experiences," Even a cursory reading

How did Donald Trump Lose?

Trump's speech at CPAC was a call to the Republican party to wake up. Among other things Trump attacked several Republican politicians who failed to support him during his term and after his stunning loss. When one looks at Trump's popularity, his successful policies, his huge electoral turn-out, his very long electoral coattails, his loss is baffling. How did it happen? How did Trump lose? First, let's do not be afraid of calling this what it is. Joe Biden did not run an election campaign. His election was the culmination of a plan that began to take shape June 15, 2015 when Donald Trump came down the escalator of Trump tower to announce his run for Presidency. Donald Trump is a threat to "The New World Order Republicans," "The Socialist Democrats," and the Social Justice Warriors both religious and secular.  Pharisaical evangelicals told us that we could not vote for Trump because he lacked virtue;  Voting based on virtue totally ignores the Biblical m

What Do Ravi Zacharias and Donald Trump Teach Us About Christian's Character?

Many of us were stunned by the sexual misconduct charges levied against world renowned evangelical Christian apologist last summer Ravi Zacharias. Upon hearing the charges my wife said, " it make me want to throw up." In life Ravi had an unimpeachable reputation. He had defended the faith and lead many to Christ. As the summer progressed it appeared more and more likely that the accusations were credible and that Ravi was a very flawed man. During the years of Donald Trump's political rise to the Presidency several women came forward with accusations of sexual misconduct some going back to his college days, others extending even into his current marriage. None of those accusations were ever proved, yet many people believed them because of Trump's two messy divorce and years as a celebrity playboy. But did they disqualify him from the Presidency or from a Christian's vote? Many Christian leaders argued that Christians were compromising to follow and support Donald

Why Joe Biden Will Never Be President of the United States

I actually felt sorry for the man: Joe Biden was standing there looking like a seminary student delivering his first sermon. He read it well. Had perfect cadence. Never stuttered. Seemed well prepared. Had some passion, but never moved the upper part of his body. The expression on his face never changed. I wondered whether he believed anything he was saying. It looked robotic. I remember going out to eat with a church family after my first sermon. I noticed that as we talked that day, no "one said a word" about my sermon. They talked about the great fellowship, the wonderful hymns, and the uplifting special music, but nothing about my sermon. Not one word. The silence was deafening. Even I heard it. The couple I was eating with were an older couple who had sat through thousands of sermons. Seldom a Sunday dinner occurred without someone saying something about something the Pastor had said, but not this week. I knew I could learn more from an honest critique from them, then f

Samson's Jawbone: Memo Reveals the Need to Re-structure American Law...

Samson's Jawbone: Memo Reveals the Need to Re-structure American Law... : It is now evident that some people working for the Department of Justice and the FBI conspired to exonerate one Presidential nominee, Hill...

Memo Reveals the Need to Re-structure American Law Enforcement

It is now evident that some people working for the Department of Justice and the FBI conspired to exonerate one Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, of serious ethical if not illegals acts while at the same time cooperating with one political party to implicate the other nominee and future President for at best disgraceful and at worst impeachable offenses. When you combine the information in the memo with recent revelations from FBI personnel text messages the intent of the operation seems to have been to ameliorate the suspicions against and Hillary Clinton, insuring her win, and to create enough suspicion against Trump that he would be forced to with draw and his career business and family would be ruined. Things did not go as planned, and Trump won and shortly thereafter fired FBI Director James Comey, who then cashed in “the insurance policy,” which appears to have been a Special  Council  investigation against Trump. The Special Counsel investigation lead by Robert Mueller